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From acronyms to algorithms, anatomical illustrations, medical calculators, emergency reference cards, and medicines, eMedic is packed with emergency medical information.

The titles of more than 1,500 records are displayed in the Master List (shown here). You can quickly jump to any record by entering the first few letters of its title. For example, to jump to the "Vital Sign Calculator" simply enter "Vit"!

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Flowcharts in eMedic provide an easy method to navigate complex medical algorithms--simply tap on a box to advance through the algorithm.

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Anatomical Illustrations
Click to learn more about anatomical illustrations Click to learn more about anatomical illustrationsMore than 175 anatomical items are labeled in more than two dozen illustrations.

Our "tap map" technology lets you navigate by tapping on anatomical images (such as the man displayed here).

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Emergency Reference Cards
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More than 100 records cover medical and trauma emergencies—from Abrasions, to Chest Pain, to Hypernatremia. The information includes signs and symptoms, treatment, and other notes. These records are well cross-referenced via Click for information on See Also buttons menus.

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Medical Calculators
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Interactive medical calculators make it easy to quickly calculate important values. You could install a dozen medical calculators on your iPhone, or you could get all these (and much more) in eMedic.

  • APGAR Calculator
  • Blood Alcohol Calculator
  • Blood Pressure Estimator
  • Burn Calculator (Rule of 9s)
  • Conversion Calculator (unit)
  • Drug Dosage Calculator
  • ECG Arrhythmias
  • ETT Size Calculator
  • Eye Assessment
  • Glasgow Calculator
  • IV Drip Calculator
  • Oxygen Tank Calculator
  • Pediatric Trauma Calculator
  • Revised Trauma Score
  • Triage Calculator
  • Vitals Calculator
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Click to learn more about adding and editing information in eMedicMedicine records summarize more than 400 of the most prescribed medicines. Also included are all popular emergency medicines and many over-the-counter meds.

The summaries include popular brand names, generic names, manufactures, drug classes, indications, etc.

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Stumped by the hundreds of medical acronyms and abbreviations you encounter? eMedic includes more than 700 popular, relevant, medical acronyms (with a bias toward emergency medicine).

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