Medical Information at Your Fingertips
Paper or Phone?
Unlike paper medical guides, eMedic calculates (e.g., drip rates), searches for information, zooms in on anatomical pictures, and links to relevant information.
Is it Time to Study?
Are you studying for your EMT or paramedic test? Consider eMedic your personal tutor. From assessments to calculations, eMedic contains the information you need.
Prehospital Care
In addition to prehospital medical information, eMedic is packed with information to help other healthcare professionals.
eMedic for iPhone

eMedic for iPhone
is the popular medical reference guide for First Responders, EMTs, and Paramedics. You can purchase eMedic for iPhone exclusively from the iTunes Store.

*** New version 2.0 for iPhone ***

Your Portable EMS Library
Put an emergency medical reference library in your iPhone:
A full compliment of medical calculators (e.g., APGAR, Blood Alcohol, Blood Pressure, Burn, Drug Dosage, ETT, Glasgow, IV Drip, Revised Trauma, Triage, Unit Conversion, etc.)
Dozens of anatomical illustrations with labeled body parts (bones, organs, etc.)
Quick reference cards on more than 100 trauma and medical emergencies
Hundreds of pages of flowcharts to help you navigate complex BLS, ALS and ACLS algorithms
The most prescribed medicines and emergency medications
Popular medical acronyms
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